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Friday, 10 October 2014

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry Herb Vaporizer - Best Product For Smokers

The air-path of the Dry Herb Vaporizer is not all glass but it has a patented enclosure which isolates it from the internal device. With the glass mouthpiece, it delivers the purest taste possible. The patented heat exchange system is what makes this vape superior to anything else on the market. The air path on the Haze is very open and allows smooth drawing. Also, the Pax mouthpiece can get extremely hot if you take deep draws, but with this vape you will notice that the mouthpiece stays cool at all times. 

Haze Vaporizer Review tells a lot about the vaporizer. There is one major benefit of portable vaporizers though. That is that most countries are now starting to bring in some anti-smoking laws that ban the use of cigarettes inside buildings. As this policy spreads around the world, more and more smokers are finding themselves outside in the rain having a smoke. If you use a vaporizer, then as these are not banned you can get your nicotine fix without leaving the building, and be happy that there is no smoke to put into the air for others to breathe in. 

Haze comes with one of the more interesting and practical accessories for Best Portable Vaporizer on the market. The all-purpose cans work with any material you wish to vaporize, depending on how you utilize the can. The cans are made of stainless steel with a food grade silicone lid on the top. The material reservoirs contain a wick for you e-liquids and essential oils, but are removable so you can vape your waxy concentrates and dried herbs. These reservists provide a confined and pure tasting vapor. 

Sometimes, it may seem confusing as to how the Haze could possibly support two different chambers, with two different temperatures, for two different materials. You can find more information related to Best Portable Vaporizer by clicking on the website To be able to heat up two different materials that require two different temperature setting, Haze employs a unique heating exchange system that efficiently pre-heats the outside air, and then cools the vapor down before it reaches the mouthpiece. 

The Haze has the best of both worlds for smokers by combing a convection screen & a conduction screen. This allows for a more personal vaporizing experience. Both screens are crafted from stainless steel. The conduction screen has been left with two sides open, allowing dry materials to have controlled exposure to the heating chamber. The convection screen is surrounded by four walls of stainless steel, but allows no direct contact between materials and the heating chamber. The Haze also allows for pre-packaged chambers. The heating chambers and screens are large, safe, and innovative enough so you can pre-pack your materials into the reservoirs before you ever leave the safety of your home! To know more about Dry Herb Vaporizer, visit 

The New Portable Vaporizer From Haze also features a long-lasting external lithium ion battery for prolonged vapor sessions. These long sessions can be attributed to more than just a long battery life; it is also due to the use of the dual bowl technology, heat exchange system, and a confined vaporization concept. You can easily travel for an entire weekend or more and not need to recharge the unit. Or you can carry a couple of backup batteries with you if you plan on a longer trip. 

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